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Baby Boomer Characteristics

Baby Boomer Characteristics

This article shares some insights on baby boomers and their characteristics which are certainly unique to their generation.
Geeta Dhavale
A baby boomer would be any person in America who was born after World War II between 1946 to 1964. I am sure you know many people who fall in this age group; they could be your parents, grandparents, teachers or even you. Though not all the sociology scholars, institutes, and organizations agree to the aforementioned definition, studying their generation is interesting due to the unique characteristics.

Why the Baby Boomer Generation is Different?

Scholars believe that this generation had the most distinguished characteristics for that era as they were born in the transition phase of America. After the World War II, America was one of the few countries that was least affected by the war. It made a lot of money during the war and now was richer compared to other countries who had lost everything including manpower, wealth, and natural resources. This was the time for America to flourish, prosper, develop, and rule the world. And this is the time when baby boomers were born, on the peak of affluence and privilege. The changes in society influenced the way they were brought up and looked at life. On the other hand, the society too was charmed by them as they were a huge demographic bulge that changed society as it moved on.


Given below are some of the common traits that you may observe in your parents or relatives who belong to that generation.
  • They are extremely hardworking and are workaholics.
  • They are motivated by high positions of prestige and extra benefits that comes along.
  • They work hard to achieve the career goals in life.
  • They define self worth by their work and professional accomplishments.
  • They often think that the 'gen-next' lacks work ethics and commitment to the workplace.
  • They are self-reliant, independent, and confident.
  • They have a strong belief in individualism.
  • They are dedicated, passionate, and resourceful.
  • They have a rebellious streak and are not afraid of challenging the prevalent practices.
  • They are open to change and adapt new things.
  • They often switch careers and are inclined towards starting a business.
  • They avoid too much long term planning.
  • Though they are idealistic, they are competitive and goal-oriented.
  • They keep a positive attitude in life and change with time.
  • They listened to rock and roll, which was the expression of their generational identity.
  • They welcome challenges in life and strive to make a difference.
  • They adapt well to new technology.
  • They are pragmatic and are concerned with health and environment issues.
  • They enjoy their free time and vacations to the fullest.
Another important characteristic is that they think themselves as a special generation, so much so that they created their own lifestyle by bringing new changes in the society. They were the first people who defined the world in terms of generations. The another reason for this generational distinctiveness were modern marketers who targeted baby boomers even before they were born.

Challenges faced by baby boomers were numerous, but they dealt with them with their unique strategic style by contributing a lot to the society. And this is one of the other notable characteristics of this generation. They believed individual freedom and choices and made tremendous contribution to various social change movements, such as, civil rights movement, gay rights movement, feminist movement, right to privacy, and handicapped rights, etc. Baby boomer was one of the few generations in the history where the youth was idolized and adored.