Bill Clinton Biography

Biography, historical facts and important information on the life history of Bill Clinton, the renowned President of US.
Historyplex Staff
Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in the small town of Hope, Arkansas. Bill's father William Jefferson Blythe was killed in a car accident just three-month before Bill was born. His mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to study nursing and also to find a way to support herself and her new child. But Bill stayed in Hope with his maternal grandparents.
Bill Clinton's grandparents played important role in his life and helped Bill develop important qualities in himself. They taught him beliefs and strong values. They had a small grocery store just outside the Hope town and in spite of the segregation laws of the time; they allowed people of all races to purchase goods on credit. They taught Bill that everyone in world is created equal and that people should not be treated differently because of their skin color. Bill never forgot the lessons he received from his grand-parents. Even after being away from his mother, Bill was never alone; he was always surrounded by his friends and relatives. They gave him love, support and played a significant role in his upbringing.
In 1950, When Bill was four years old his mother completed her nursing degree and returned to Hope to her parents and Bill. After some years Virginia married automobile salesman named Roger Clinton and moved to beautiful place of Arkansas, which also seemed to be a promising place in order to get a good job. Roger got higher paying job as a service manager in his brother's car dealer-ship company and Virginia successfully found a better job as a nurse anesthetist. In 1956, Bill's mother gave birth to her second child Roger Jr.
In 1962, Bill Clinton was selected to go to Washington, D.C., to be a part of Boys Nation, a special youth leadership conference when he was a senior in high school. That time President of US Mr. John F. Kennedy invited the young men of Boys Nation and the young women of Girls Nation to the White House to meet him. Bill Clinton was one of the first candidates in line to shake hands with President Kennedy in the Rose Garden. That event was the most memorable event of his life. After that event he decided to enter politics and one day become President of US.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the leaders who inspired Bill Clinton to join politics. Bill was inspired by Dr. Martin's speech on "I Have a Dream" at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Dr. King's speech helped Bill develop new vision for his life. Bill also worked as an active member to raise funds for church and many other organizations. This was one of the most important stages in his life where Bill learned to work with different people.
During his young age, Bill Clinton was definitely driven by the politics but he also had some hobbies such as reading books, playing Saxophone etc. When Bill was in school he was a member of jazzed group where he practiced music, this was not all with his music hobby! Bill attended a band camp in the Ozark Mountains every summer. Bill's passion for music and Saxophone helped him achieve a position in states band of music.
Further Bill entered Yale Law School in 1970. Bill met his future wife Hillary Rodham at Yale. Different political activities kept them close to each other. They also worked together for George McGovern's presidential campaign in Texas in 1972. In 1974, after completing his study, Bill decided to enter into politics in full-fledge. He fought against Republic congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt, a strong supporter of President Nixon and lost a surprisingly close race against Hammerschmidt.
Bill Clinton and Hillary married in 1975. Bill was elected as Arkansas's new attorney general in the same year. In 1978 Bill once again prepared for elections and even won governor election against Republican State Chairman A. Lynn Lowe. To move Arkansas up from the bottom of the indexes of social and economic welfare he made top priorities to economic growth and educational improvement. In Arkansas history his administration was also significant in appointing women and minorities to cabinet-level jobs. In 1980, his first daughter Chelsea was born. His reelection chances were damaged because he handled Cuban refugee situation. Number of Cubans who had left their country was housed in Arkansas and Clinton was unable to force the White House to make other states share the problems and costs of the operation. That November a political newcomer and businessman Republican Frank White defeated him. After this defeat, Bill Clinton turned towards law firm but he didn't leave political career. In 1982 he made a successful proposal to return to the governor's mansion; a residency he did not give up till he entered the White House in 1993.
The most important phase in the life of Bill Clinton started with the announcement of his candidature for the presidential elections on October 3, 1991. In spite of the allegations thrown on him during the elections, Bill Clinton was able to get hold of important seats in six states, which helped him gather necessary number of convention delegates. After his electoral campaign with Gore which emphasized many of the issues which touched hearts of common American citizens, Bill Clinton was elected President of US on November 3, 1992. Clinton took his office on January 20, 1993 when he was 46. Bill Clinton wrote a new history of a young Democrat getting elected as a president of US in past 20 years.
Life of President Bill Clinton after 1993 is known to almost every US citizen till the date when he left the office after being there for two consecutive presidential terms. During this period, Bill Clinton was honored with many achievements and also suffered many allegations. Bill Clinton was even considered as one of the toughest contender of Nobel Prize for Peace, but his chances of winning one were torn by the infamous allegations of Monica Lewinsky scandal.
Whatever the world might think about the leader, Bill Clinton was truly one of the best Presidents US ever elected.