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Daily Life in Ancient China

A Peek Into the Daily Life of People in Mysterious Ancient China

Home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth, China has always been a mysterious country. Its culture has revolved around following rituals, customs, and traditions strictly. Very little was known about the complex culture and traditions of this country. However, with changing times we are getting to know a lot more about this country.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Buddhism Religion
In ancient times, a large population of China consisted of farmers. Nobles and merchants formed a small percentage of the total population. There was a wide gap between the economic condition of farmers and that of the kings. Farmers were an oppressed lot and their standard of living was very well reflected in the way they built their homes. Their houses were made of mud and wood and many of them had no proper flooring.
The Longshan people, a farming community lived in China around 3000 BC. They were an advanced and developed community from ancient China. They were known mainly for their engineering skills, and undertook many irrigation projects and used baked bricks for the construction of houses. The silk fabrics made by them were of fine quality.
Family Life
Family life was given a lot of importance by the Chinese. Men enjoyed authoritative positions in the family. Elders of the family had to be respected. The important decisions were taken by them. However, women faced discrimination. They had to obey their parents and in-laws after getting married. A woman was expected to always behave in a calm and composed manner. Any kind of rebellious behavior on the part of a woman was not tolerated in the society. Summing up the condition of women in ancient China, we can say that they played a subservient role.
Religion and Culture
The major religions in ancient China were Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. Pagodas were constructed as places for worship. Chinese culture was influenced by many different dynasties.
The Chinese used coins with holes as their currency. These coins were strung together for the purpose of storage. 'String of money' was the term was used to denote a thousand coins strung together. There weren't any banks in ancient China.
In ancient China, the merchants were a neglected lot. They were not given much importance in the social life. During the time of wars, merchants were not protected by the government. They were not allowed to enter the boundaries of the city till the war ended. They were expected to defend themselves without any kind of help from the authorities.
Life in ancient China underwent many changes with the rise of different dynasties that ruled this country. The country has been surrounded by many 'walls' which cover its mysteries. However, this situation is fast changing with globalization coming into picture. Today, we know a lot more about this great nation.
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