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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
Ancient Egyptian jewelry has some of the most stunning and beautiful designs. Here is a look at some of the fine details associated with their jewelry.
The ancient Egyptian culture was very rich and equally fascinating. We all know how the ancient Egyptians were known for their beautiful designs in terms of clothing and jewelry.
From the basic designs, to the extravagant pieces, Egyptian jewelry has it all! The prime factor remains to be the different kind of symbolism attached to it. Men as well as women wore jewelry.
Egyptians are known the world over for their brilliant designs. It is of no wonder; there are many stores that cater to only few privileged people who love to collect such designer pieces of jewelry.
They primarily used gold for their jewelry besides silver. They also used several types of gemstones and colored glass as well. They mainly used quartz crystal, cornelian, jasper, and amethyst to craft their jewelry.
Egyptian jewelry also used symbolism in terms of the colors used for that particular piece. For example, the color green symbolized fertility. They also loved to experiment with various materials. Lapis Lazuli was one of the most sought after materials used. The emerald was obtained locally and this was a personal favorite of the very famous Queen Cleopatra.
One of the first records of Egyptian jewelry making goes back to nearly 5,000 years ago. At that time, jewelry was worn not only as a means of ornamentation, but also had religious significance. The motif used for the jewelry was equally important to them. Each motif had its own meaning.

Associated Symbolism

The scarab is a symbol that was commonly used. This symbol signifies rebirth. It enjoyed an important position with the Egyptian artists.
Generally, the scarabs were crafted from green stones. These were always placed with the chest of the deceased. This is evident from the excavations carried out by numerous archaeologists.
The ankh is yet another symbol that is seen among Egyptian ornaments. The meaning of this symbol is life. This shape resembles a cross that has a loop at the top. This symbol was often crafted in silver or gold, and sometimes copper was also used. It is often used in association with the Gods, and is also known as the Egyptian Cross or the key of life.
The cartouche is a symbol that was worn mainly by Pharaohs. This was also known as the magical oval. It was used to create amulets that always had the king's name inscribed on it.
Below the name, one can notice a horizontal line as well. This name was particularly depicted in pictorial symbols and the theory behind this was to always keep the memory of the king alive. This symbol was also inscribed on the tomb of the king.
The flower of life is another symbol used in the making of Egyptian ornaments This contains many overlapping circles that resemble a flower. Today, one can find many designs that incorporate the flower of life. Studies have revealed many different meanings to this symbol.
Egyptian embellishment was thus as interesting as their beautiful and rich culture. Even today, the skilled craftsmanship of the jewelers during the ancient times still stand out due to their intricate and beautiful designs.