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Facts About Prince Harry of England

Manali Oak Mar 12, 2019
Prince Harry of Wales is fourth in line to succeed the Throne of England. Know more about him.
Prince Henry of Wales is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and the son of the Prince of Wales and Diana, the Princess of Wales. He is the younger brother of Prince William and is also known as Prince Harry.


He was born on September 15, 1984. His birthplace is central London, England. He was baptized in the month of December in 1984 in St. George's Chapel.


He was a student of Mrs. Jane Mynors's nursery school in London. Following the footsteps of his brother William, Harry attended the Wetherby School and was later a student of Ludgrove School in Berkshire.
In 2003, he completed his education from the Eton College in Berkshire. He obtained two A grades, one B grade, and a D level in Geography.


During his schooling years, Harry developed an interest in sports. He loved playing rugby union and polo. He took great interest in Abseiling, which is also known as rappelling.

After College

Harry took a year's gap, after which he entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in May 2005. During his year's break, he toured to Africa and Australia. When in Africa, he served in an orphanage in Lesotho and later vacationed to Argentina. He worked on a cattle station in Australia. There, he got an opportunity to watch the Rugby World Cup of 2003.


❖ In April 2006, Prince Harry left the Royal Military Academy. He then joined The Blues and Royals on the post of Second Lieutenant. He had to wait till April 2008, to assume the post of Lieutenant. On February 22, 2007, the Clarence House and the Ministry of Defense decided to deploy Prince Harry with the regiment in Iraq.
Later their decision had to be canceled. A BBC news article reported that he had condemned the strategy of leaving him in safety while his army unit was facing the war.
He had categorically said that he would leave the army in case he was kept safe when his regiment was in the war zone.
❖ According to a statement made by General Sir Richard Dannatt on April 30, 2007, he had thought of Harry as being a part of his unit in Iraq. But the Ministry of Defense was indecisive about whether it would be right for the Prince to face the war.
According to the Ministry, Prince Harry had the highest probability of being targeted and that the soldiers accompanying him would face difficulties if the Prince's life would have to be put to stake. As a reaction to this, he is believed to have disfavored the idea of not facing the combat.
❖ In February 2008, Prince Harry was reported to have been deployed in the regiment against Taliban in Afghanistan as a Forward Air Controller. The information about his whereabouts was not disclosed. He had called U.S. Air Force strikes and had patrolled hostile areas.
He had helped Gurkha troops battle the fighters of Taliban. His return from Afghanistan was the outcome of the spread of the news that would endanger the safety of him and his fellow soldiers. He made his family proud by displaying laudable courage.

Other Interesting Fact

❖ Once, Prince Harry's costume on a themed party had caused controversy. He had worn a swastika armband that represented the Nazis. By this act, he invited embarrassment to his family. However, he was brave enough to make a public apology for the same.
❖ He was romantically linked with Chelsy Davy, a white African. He has publicly called her his girlfriend. Presently, she is living in the U.K.

❖ On his eighteenth birthday, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Prince Harry his coat of arms.

❖ Currently, he stands fourth in line for the Throne, following his father, elder brother, and nephew.
❖ In 2009, he and his brother William were granted their own royal household.

❖ In 2012, Prince Harry visited Belize for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

❖ He visited Brazil as an ambassador of the 2012 Olympics. He represented the Queen at this Olympics closing ceremony.
❖ A poll in 2012 showed that he was the third-most popular member of the Royal Family.

❖ In 2013, he became a part of Walking With The Wounded - South Pole Allied Challenge. With this, he has become the only Royal Family member to reach the South Pole.

❖ He has been associated with many charitable organizations.
Prince Harry married American-born actress Meghan Markle, who would later be known as the Dutchess of Sussex, in May 2018. The titles of Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel were endowed upon Prince Harry by his Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II on the morning of his wedding day.
With the qualities that Prince Harry has shown, England can indeed hope for a bright future. Eventually, the British Throne might have another reason to be proud of - His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales himself.