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Famous People from Arizona

Manali Oak Mar 3, 2019
Arizona has given rise to many talented people who went on to earn immense popularity for their remarkable work. Here are some of those names in the list of famous people from Arizona.
Arizona is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States and was the last to be admitted as a contiguous state to the Union. Arizona boasts of being the motherland to many geniuses that made its people proud to be Arizonians. Let us look at some of the famous names in Arizona.

Frank Lloyd Wright

He was born on June 8, 1867. He was a student of the Madison High School and then the University of Wisconsin. He was later a part of the Phi Delta Theta group. After moving to Chicago, Wright joined the architectural firm of Joseph Lyman Silsbee and within a year, the firm of Alder & Sullivan.
He is famed for his designs of the 'Prairie Houses', the development of 'Usonian home', and over 500 other architectural works. The American Institute of Architects regards Wright as the greatest American architect of all time.

Carl Trumbull Hayden

Born on October 2, 1877 in the Arizona territory, Hayden went on to become a part of the Arizona Territorial National Guard and was elected captain in 1903. He began a political career by entering into the Democratic Party Politics.
He was the first United States Senator who served for seven terms. He was in Congress from 1912 to 1969 and made a record of serving the United States Congress for the longest period of time.
He served as the Dean of the United States Senate, its President pro tempore and chaired the Senate Rules and Administration committee as well as the Appropriations committee. He was known as the 'Silent Senator' and is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the American politics.

Kerri Strug

Born on November 19, 1977, Kerri Alyson Strug, shone in the Barcelona Olympics and earned a bronze in gymnastics. At the Barcelona Olympic Games, she was the youngest member of the team of the United States.
During the 1996 Olympics, Kerri Strug was a part of the US women's team known as the 'Magnificent 7'. She worked as a team manager for the NCAA gymnastics events. She was also a marathon runner. Her feat of performing the vault in spite of an injured ankle and going ahead to win a gold for her team, is still remembered.

Henry Cejudo

He was born in Phoenix, Arizona on February 9, 1987. Since an early age, he exhibited his dexterity in wrestling. He won many high school wrestling championships. He entered the Junior World Olympics in 2005. He is best known for winning a gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is the youngest American winning a gold medal in wrestling at the Olympic Games.

Percival Lowell

Born on March 13, 1855, Percival Lowell belonged to the Boston Lowell family. He graduated from the Noble and Greenough School in 1872 and earned a degree in mathematics from the Harvard University. His growing interest in the study of Mars, made him choose astronomy as his career.
His study led him to the speculation that Mars has canals. He was a pioneer in the work that led to the discovery of Pluto. Pluto derives its name from his name that starts with 'PL'. He is the founder of the very famous Lowell Laboratory.
These were only a few of the celebrated names that Arizonians are proud of. These eminent figures are held in high esteem by Arizonians around the world.