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Exploring the Mysterious History of Gothic Subculture

Kashmira Lad Jun 6, 2019
Explore the mystery and the dark side of Gothic subculture, and dive deeply into the hazy mist that always surrounds it.
Gothic subculture has attracted attention since the time people probably started recognizing it as a 'culture'. This subculture has its own interesting factors, and has raised a few eyebrows as well.
Do you find yourself being fascinated by the dark stories and the mysterious aura that surrounds this section of the society? Read on to get some insight into how it has found itself deep in controversy.

The Mystery that Shrouds Gothic Subculture

Deep, dark, and mysterious is what you have probably thought about Goth subculture. Well, you may not be entirely wrong out there, but there is more to it than meets the eye in this case. The original Goths were actually an Eastern Germanic tribe. This tribe had a major part to play in the downfall of the Western Roman Empire.
This subculture is known to have begun in the United Kingdom. This was around the early 1980s. Members may or may not always share the same interests in terms of music, fashion, and other segments. The inauguration of the Batcave in London's Soho in the month of July, 1982 proved its emergence; this place proved to be a very important meeting point for many.
This has also been a source of inspiration for artists and musicians as well, and is also found to be always associated with horror. Most artists who used this subculture as a base for their works always used romantic and mystic images for their work.
Goths are known to have a strong fascination for deep, dark, and mysterious things, and also a kind of romanticism.
Punk music was going through a change around the late 1970s. This was also the time when a few bands were recognized as Gothic, but it was only in the early years of the 1980s that Gothic rock became a kind of a category within the post punk genre. This became a kind of movement, where members of such bands started coming together.
Such bands were not too many in number, but by mid 80s, many groups became popular. These bands began the Gothic rock and death rock scenario. The styles of Goth music also saw a lot of changes.
Industrial music, experimental, punk rock, glam rock, etc., all formed a part of this scene. This music scenario can be still seen in areas of Germany, where many festivals are dedicated solely to Goth music.
The association of Gothic subculture with deep, dark, and mysterious things may not always hold true in every sense. Perhaps it is also the influence of various media that led to the same. This subculture does not always focus on political or social issues. It lays more emphasis on an individualistic identity, creativity, and sometimes cynicism as well.
Even this may not always be true if one checks out the ideologies all over the world. Acts of hatred or violence have also been associated with Gothic subculture, but this is also a matter of great debate.
Gothic fashion has also been associated with dark clothing that often goes towards black. Dyed black hair and black fingernails also form an integral part of Gothic fashion. The association with death has always been an issue with many.
There have been many incidents reported around the world―incidents of murders and violence―which have been associated with this section of society. This is not always true; generally the association is formed due to the fixation with death that is seen in this culture. The interest in 'death' would also depend upon each individual.
Generally, such topics are accepted with ease in Gothic subculture, where one is more open about one's feelings towards issues such as death rather than running away from the same. This is like an abstract topic for its members.
It can be safely said that their association with the darker side of life is not an obsession. It is simply about the acceptance of the same and also learning to appreciate life alongside.
Gothic subculture has therefore faced a lot of criticism till date. It is probably due to certain misconceptions about the same that has led to a mysterious cloud surrounding it.