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Mexican American War

Significant Events That Occurred During the Mexican American War

If you want to know about the Mexican American war, read this article.
Historyplex Staff
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Wars are meant to wreak havoc, take lives and destroy a fair percentage of mankind, yet they make history and we read them repeatedly. For some it is the legend of bravery and courage and for some just a tale of defeat and humiliation. It gives rise to a feeling of sadness that so many people from either side lost lives just for imperialistic advancement. Yes criticism cannot be avoided but wars happen and will keep happening. So here is some information about a war that was quite important in the History of America but the most important in the history of Mexico. Mexicans are still touchy about the war and the process of reconciliation is still on. Let me give you a brief description of the Mexican American War.

Causes of the War

One of the causes was America's imperialistic desire, according to which they bought Louisiana from Napoleon and that was just the beginning. After that came Virginia and then came Florida according to the Adams-Onis treaty and this is how their greed was triggered. There was another reason due to which the Americans were so interested in Mexican land which was they already knew what Mexico was all about when Mexico started putting up cheap rates for its land to attract the American settlers. Now the people who came in as settlers at this point of time actually pushed Mexico towards defeat in the Mexican American War. When James K. Polk became the President of the U.S. he made the word 'expansion' the buzzword during the war. During his tenure, he completely was in favor of the settlers in Mexico who wanted independence. It was all a case of an American's mindset that he had to take the burden of civilizing the whole world.

The War in Detail
  • In 1836 General Santa Anna starts his journey towards Texas to destroy the revolt in Texas. He goes there and crushes the rebellion badly and actually killed approximately 200 people, which further angered the people of Texas and led them to go headlong into forthcoming battles.
  • In a meeting in the U.S.A, President Polk mentioned that the U.S. should go to war with the Mexicans. This began in 1845.
  • The actual war was declared in May, 1846 when General Taylor sent to the U.S. president regarding declaring a war on Mexico. President Polk was under the impression that Mexicans would feel threatened and would agree to leave Texas and California for the U.S. to annex but it did not happen so. General Taylor ruthlessly crushes the Mexican resistance and compels them to go back.
  • The settlers in California and Texas help the Americans to continue in winning the war within California and New Mexico. Santa Anna returns from his exile to help Mexico and organizes an army to face General Taylor in Monterrey. Here General Taylor writes the legends of triumph one after the other in almost all the territories of Mexico, which included Monterrey, Saltillo and Veracruz.
  • In 1847 Taylor won the Battle of Buena Vista and Battle of Cerro Gordo in spite of the number of soldiers being decreased. By this time Mexico's defeat is imminent and President Polk sends Nicholas Trist for peace making.
  • Trist meets Santa Anna but he is not ready to leave much space even after such a bad defeat so the war still continues.
  • General Scott wins the Battle of Molino del Ray in September, 1847. Americans win the Battle of Mexico.
  • Ultimately in February 1848 the Negotiation treaty is signed and sent to Washington. The Mexican Congress also accepts it as well as the U.S. parliament. General Taylor Becomes the President of America in 1849.