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What are the Thirteen Original States

Maya Pillai May 10, 2019
The thirteen original colonies or states that were under the rule of the royal crown of Great Britain have been stated here.
The thirteen colonies of North America were together known as British America, as they were the British overseas colonies. These thirteen colonies rebelled against the rule of Great Britain and gained independence in 1775. After gaining independence, provisional government was formed to proclaim the independence of America.
The treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783, to officially end the rule of Great Britain in North America and to recognize United States as an independent country.
The Treaty of Paris was signed by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Ray (representatives of the United States) and also by the representative of the British Monarch, David Hartley, at the Hotel de York.
The United States of America was formed on March 1, 1781, under the Articles of Confederation. John Hanson became the first President of United States under the Articles of Confederation. George Washington was the first president under the Constitution of United States of America.

The Thirteen Original States

The thirteen original colonies or states that initially formed the United States of America were New England, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies.

New England

The provinces which were under New England are listed here.
  • New Hampshire was founded by John Mason in the year 1623 and became a royal colony in 1629.
  • Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker in the year 1635.
  • Rhode Island was founded in the year 1636 by Roger Williams.
  • Massachusetts was founded by the Puritans in the year 1620 and it became a royal colony in the year 1691.

Middle Colonies

The provinces of middle colonies that became royal colonies are given here.
  • New York was founded by the Duke of York in the year 1664 and it became one of the thirteen royal colonies in 1685.
  • New Jersey was established in the same year as New York and it was founded by Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley. It became a royal colony in 1702.
  • William Penn founded Pennsylvania in 1682.
  • Delaware was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit and New Sweden Company.

Southern Colonies

The provinces classified as southern colonies also became royal colonies.
  • Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore in the year 1634.
  • Colony and Dominion of Virginia (included West Virginia and Kentucky). After gaining independence, it was known as Virginia. Virginia was founded by London Company in 1607 and it became a royal colony in 1679.
  • In 1653, North Carolina was founded by the Virginians. In 1729, it also became a royal colony.
  • In 1663, eight nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II founded South Carolina and it became a royal colony in the year 1729.
  • James Edward Oglethorpe, founded Georgia in 1732, and twenty years later, it became a royal colony.
To sum up, the Thirteen Original Colonies were founded between 1607 and 1733 and were under the rule of the Crown of Great Britain.