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Who are the Richest Women in America?

Prabhakar Pillai Oct 30, 2018
America is a land of great wealth and opulence. Some of the richest women of the world are Americans. Here we take a look at a few of America's richest women.
"Money, it's a crime, share it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie!"~ Pink Floyd
The green printed piece of paper is a seduction. Everyone wants to have some more. Even the women here think so. Here are some of the most powerful women on the planet. They control more than $150 billion worth of fortune.They use their incredible wealth to do good, donating to charities and art museums, while running the largest corporations on earth.
As they thoroughly prove, great wealth is not the bastion of the male of the species anymore. These women, who are the leading lights of business and industry in America are an inspiration for all those who want to follow in their footsteps, regardless of gender.

Alice Walton

Born: 1949
Net Worth: $44.2 billion
Source: WalMart

Alice Walton is also a WalMart heiress and the second richest woman in America. Alice Walton is the daughter of WalMart founder Sam Walton and Helen Walton.
She has had a varied career in the finance and analysis industry, having worked for various investment banks and brokering firms. She is also a philanthropist, donating money through the Walton Family Foundation.

Jacqueline Mars

Born: 1939
Net Worth: $23.6 billion
Source: Mars, Inc.

As one of the owners of the world's largest candy maker, Mars, Jacqueline Mars is the undisputed queen of chocolate. She is the daughter of Forrest Edward Mars, Sr and the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, who was the founder of the company.
After its acquisition of Wrigley's in 2008 for a purported sum of $23 billion, Mars has increased both its profitability and the wealth of its owners.

Laurene Powell Jobs

Born: 1963
Net Worth: $21 billion
Source: Apple Inc, Disney

The widow of Apple co-founder and former Chief Executive Steve Jobs, has had an enormous increase in her net worth over the years. She also heads the Steven P. Jobs Trust which has invested nearly $7 billion in the Walt Disney Company.
Among her philanthropic ventures is the non-profit organization College Track, which aims to better the lives of struggling high school students and guide them to successful careers.

Abigail Johnson

Born: 1961
Net Worth: $17.6 billion
Source: Fidelity Investments

Fidelity is one of the largest financial management and investment funds in the world and as its president, Abigail Johnson has constantly ranked in the richest American women lists for quite some time. As of 2013 her net worth was in excess of $12 billion and she held 24% stock in the company.
Her father and founder of the company, Edward Johnson, III is himself one of the richest persons on earth with a net worth of around $8.8 billion.

Anne Cox Chambers

Born: 1919
Net Worth: $12 billion
Source: Cox Enterprises

At 98 years of age, Anne Cox Chambers is one of the oldest billionaires around. She controls one of the largest media corporations in the world, the Cox Enterprises, which has interests from communication and media to online businesses.
Under the administration of President Jimmy Carter, Chambers was ambassador to Belgium. Like most rich people she has an interest in philanthropy and has been a lifetime contributor to various societies such as the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the Atlanta Historical Society.

Blair Parry-Okeden

Born: 1951
Net Worth: $9.4 billion
Source: Cox Enterprises

The reclusive Blair Parry-Okeden is an heir to the Cox Enterprises fortune. She inherited a 25% stake in the company after the death of her mother, Barbara Cox Anthony, in 2007.
She lives a secluded life in the small town of Scone in New South Wales, Australia. Although not active in the running of the company she does take an interest in real estate in her adopted country.

Dannine Avara

Born: 1964
Net Worth: $6.2 billion
Source: Enterprise Products Partners

EPP, an energy and pipeline business begun by Dan Duncan is a leader in the petrochemical industry and has one of the largest networks of pipelines in the United States.
Dannine Avara, one of four children of Dan Duncan, inherited the wealth of her father after his passing in 2010 and has seen her fortunes rise since then.

Milane Frantz

Born: 1970
Net Worth: $6.2 billion
Source: Enterprise Products Partners

Sister to Dannine, Melanie Frantz also came unto massive wealth when her father, the Houston oil and pipeline magnate Dan Duncan died in 2010.
The wealth of the Duncan siblings has seen a considerable rise in the past few years due to increasing oil prices and large payouts by the company.

Randa Williams

Born: 1962
Net Worth: $6.2 billion
Source: Enterprise Products Partners

Randa Williams is the daughter of late Houston oil pipeline tycoon Dan Duncan, who left his vast wealth to his wife and children. With a net worth of around $6 billion, she certainly comes in the list of richest American women.