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Authentic, Beautiful, and Traditional Mexican Dresses for Women

Mexican Dresses for Women
With the rich culture that Mexico flaunts, clothing is also a part of the tradition. Find some designs of Mexican dresses for women mentioned in the coming up article.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Food, music, dance and clothes. This is what Mexican tradition is made of, with a rich cultural heritage in each of these forte. In this article you will be reading more about Mexican clothing for women which has its own unique style and pattern. With bold colors, wide flares and rich handmade designs on the clothing, these Mexican dresses set high standards for fashion designers across the world. Mexican women are also known to be some of the prettiest in the world and when they are dressed in their rich traditional outfits along with flowers in their hair, ready to dance away, you wouldn't want to miss the sight for anything. In the paragraphs below, you will find the various designs or types of traditional Mexican clothing, that makes these women look beyond comparison. Take a look.
Traditional Mexican Clothing for Women
With a particular color combination, stripes or zig zags, and a brilliantly enormous flare, Mexican skirts and dresses are usually stereotypic in nature. They are known for their vivid colors where usually there is no element of coordination but an unusual blend of bright shades. Dresses that Mexican women wear have specific patterns and depending on them, they are named particularly. These dresses are mentioned in the paragraphs below, so read on and find out which are your favorite Mexican dresses.
Boho Dresses
One of the most common designs in the dresses for Mexican women are Boho dresses, which include clothing made from light fabric such as cotton. The dress is usually knee length and has a boat/round neck with half/ short sleeves which are bell shaped from the shoulder. The Boho dresses have gathered sleeves, necklines, bust lines or the edge of the dress, making them true trend setters. They can either be short or long dresses which have a slight flare to the bottom and have embroidery on the dress. The tops are mainly filled with beautifully colored embroidery designs, and these can be continued on the sleeves as well.
These dresses are known to be one of the most traditional forms of Mexican clothing as they are nothing but simple tunics made from Maya textile. They consist of two to three woven panels stitched together in a decorative manner. They can be as simple as a piece of square cloth doubled over with a hole cut in the center for the neck of the wearer. These tunics can then be made attractive by hand made embroidery around the neckline and the waist leaving the rest of the fabric plain. The blouses which are made in the Huipils pattern resemble the Poncho which is also known to be of Mexican origin.
Skirts and Blouses
Mexican women find this attire the most comfortable as well as attractive. Most of their wardrobe is full of these rich flared skirts which are usually as long as the ankle and the blouses are neatly tucked into the skirt waists, or gathered at the waistline. Mexican skirts are also very popular because of their multi frilled layered patterns which increase the diameter of the flare. They have different colored bold designs in their laces which are stitched on the skirts. These are a part of traditional Mexican clothes and costumes, for various occasions. The blouses on the other hand are brilliantly designed with unique necklines, sleeves and waists. Some blouses have the Boho pattern with balloon, bell or cap sleeved tops, that tighten in the waist, so they complement the frilly long colorful skirts.
Puebla Dress
They got their name because they were dresses stitched by hand in Puebla, Mexico. They are very ordinary patterns which have a circular neck, and short sleeves. They have a prominent gathered stitch at the bust and the flow of the dress either becomes A-line or balloon shaped at the waist. The colors are usually bold such as pink, red, blue, black, white, purple, yellow, etc., and they have embroidery all over the dress. These are extremely popular types of Mexican dresses for women and are sold across the world.
Some more patterns of Mexican dresses are Folklore dress, which are also similar to the ones mentioned above. Some dresses come with the rebozo (a rectangular piece of garment, used as a shawl), the poncho, Baja jackets, Quechquémitl (similar to a poncho, but angular in design), and the Sombrero (hats). They are a part of the Mexican clothing.
Well, you too can pick some of these designs for your clothes as they look great in any season and for absolutely any occasion.
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