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List of Famous People from Oklahoma

List of Famous People from Oklahoma

Oklahoma may not have famous personalities contributing to its history, but it has risen to give this world some personalities who are well-known in their respective fields. This Buzzle article gives you a list of famous people from Oklahoma.
Namrata Phatak
The Oklahoma You Didn't Know!
• Milk is the official state beverage here.
• Previously, tattoos were considered illegal here.
• This state was the used as the backdrop for the movie "Twister."
The 19th century saw a change when the people of Oklahoma came to the foreground in various fields. The people there supported and encouraged cultural activities. There are many who have left their mark in their respective faculties and are known throughout the world. Their contribution in the fields of arts and literature, business, entertainment industry, etc., is noteworthy. Here is the list of celebs who have made their motherland Oklahoma proud with prominent contributions.

Arts and Literature

Name: Allan Houser
Specialty: Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, and Murals
Achievement: Gold Medal in Sculpture at the Heard Museum Exhibition

Name: Bill Moyers
Specialty: Journalist and Public Commentator
Achievement: National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - the Lifetime Achievement Award

Name: Charles Bell
Specialty: Photorealist and Hyperrealist
Achievement: Society of Western Artists Award in 1968

Name: Jason Nelson
Specialty: Digital and Hypermedia Poet and Artist
Achievement: International Prize for "Ciutat de Vinaròs" (The Bomar Gene), which is a Digital Literature

Name: Jeffrey Rowland
Specialty: Author and Cartoonist
Achievement: Nominated for 2004 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards (Wigu)

Name: Jim Thompson
Specialty: Writer of Crime, Suspense, and Literary Fiction
Achievement: Nominated for the Academy Awards (The Kill-Off; After Dark, My Sweet; and The Grifters)

Name: John Allyn Berryman
Specialty: Confessional poetry
Achievement: Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Name: Lawrence Donald Clark, a.k.a.  Larry Clark
Specialty: American Film Director, Photographer, Writer and Film Producer
Achievement: Golden Palm of category Best First Feature (Nominated for "Kids")

Name: Nicole Jordan
Specialty: Author of Romance Novels
Achievement: Finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award

Name: Stephen Hillenburg
Specialty: Cartoonist, Animator, Storyboard Artist, and Voice-over Artist
Achievement: Emmy Awards category of Outstanding Special Class Animated Program in 2010 (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Name: Tracy Letts
Specialty: Playwright, Screenwriter and Actor
Achievement: Pulitzer Prize for Drama 2008 August: Osage County

Name: William Bernhardt
Specialty: Author (thriller/mystery/suspense )
Achievement: Southern Writers Guild's Gold Medal Award in 1998


Name: Clayton Bennett
Specialty: Businessman and Chairman of the Professional Basketball Club LLC

Name: Edward K. Gaylord
Specialty: The Owner and Publisher of the daily newspaper The Oklahoman

Name: Edward Lewis Gaylord
Specialty: A Media Mogul who built the Gaylord Entertainment Company

Name: Eugene Lorton
Specialty: Newspaper publisher and Owner of Tulsa World

Name: George Kaiser
Specialty: Chairman of BOK Financial Corporation

Name: Henry Kravis
Specialty: Founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Name: James A. Chapman
Specialty: Oilman, Philanthropist

Name: James Monroe Hall
Specialty: Merchant, Civic Leader

Name: Neal Patterson
Specialty: CEO of Cerner Corporation

Name: Rick Bayless
Specialty: Chef (Mexican cuisines)

Name: Robert M. McFarlin
Specialty: Oilman and Philanthropist

Name: Sam P. McBirney
Specialty: A Founder and Vice President of Tulsa's Bank of Commerce and a Football Coach

Name: Samuel Walton
Specialty: Founder of Walmart

Name: Sylvan Goldman
Specialty: Inventor of the Shopping Cart

Name: T. Boone Pickens
Specialty: Chairman of BP Capital Management

Name: Tom L. Ward
Specialty: Chairman & CEO, Tapstone Energy

Name: Waite Phillips
Specialty: Petroleum Businessman

Name: William K. Warren
Specialty: Founder of the Warren Petroleum Corporation of Delaware(1922)

Name: William Skelly
Specialty: Entrepreneur in the Oil Business

Name: William Wayne Keeler
Specialty: Chemical Engineer, Oil Company Executive, Cherokee Principal Chief


Name: Bob Dunn
Style: Western Swing – Jazz

Name: Bob Wills
Specialty: Country Music

Name: Carrie Underwood
Specialty: Country Music

Name: Charlie Christian
Specialty: Jazz Guitarist

Name: Don Byas
Specialty: Bebop

Name: Earl Grant
Specialty: Easy Listening Pianist

Name: Hanson
Style: Indie Rock

Name: Joe Don Rooney
Specialty: Country Music

Name: Leon Russell
Specialty: Rhythm and Blues

Name: Nokie Edwards
Specialty: Instrumental Rock

Name: Patti Page
Specialty: Traditional Pop

Name: Roy Harris
Specialty: Classical Composer

Name: Ryan Tedder
Style: Pop Rock

Name: Sandi Patty
Specialty: Contemporary Christian

Name: The All-American Rejects
Specialty: Alternative Rock Band

Name: The Flaming Lips
Specialty: Neo-psychedelia

Name: Wanda Jackson
Specialty: Rockabilly

Name: Earl Bostic
Specialty: Rhythm and Blues and Jazz

Actors and Actresses

Name: Alfre Woodard
Specialty: Actress and Producer
Famous Show: True Blood, Grey's Anatomy

Name: Ben Johnson
Specialty: Actor, Stuntman
Famous Show: Fort Apache, The Outlaw

Name: Beverlee McKinsey
Specialty: Actress
Famous Show: How to Survive a Marriage

Name: Chuck Norris
Specialty: Actor, Martial Artist
Famous Show: Way of the Dragon, Walker

Name: Clarence Nash
Specialty: Voice Actor
Famous Show: Tom and Jerry (Tom), The Wise Little Hen (Donald)

Name: Countess Vaughn
Specialty: Actress, Singer
Famous Show: The Parkers

Name: Heather Langenkamp
Specialty: Actress, Director, and Producer
Famous Show: A Nightmare On Elm Street,Star Trek Into Darkness, etc.

Name: James Garner
Specialty: Actor
Famous Show: The Rockford Files, Maverick, The Great Escape

Name: James Marsden
Specialty: Actor/Singer
Famous Show: Enchanted, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, etc.

Name: Jeanne Tripplehorn
Specialty: Actress
Famous Show: Basic Instinct, Big Love

Name: Jennifer Jones
Specialty: Actress
Famous Show: The Towering Inferno

Name: Joan Crawford
Specialty: Actress
Famous Show: Mildred Pierce

Name: Lauren Stamile
Specialty: Actress
Famous Show: Grey's Anatomy

Name: Maria Tallchief
Specialty: Prima ballerina
Famous Show: Million Dollar Mermaid

Name: Megyn Price
Specialty: Actress
Famous Show: Rules of Engagement

Name: Tobe Sexton
Specialty: Actor, Filmmaker, Singer, Dancer
Famous Show: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Offerings

Name: Tony Randall
Specialty: Actor
Famous Show: The Odd Couple

Name: Wes Studi
Specialty: Actor
Famous Show: Dances with Wolves, Avatar


Name: Carl Albert
Designation: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Name: Dan Boren
Designation: Representative of Oklahoma's 2nd district in the U.S. House of Representatives

Name: David L. Boren
Designation: Governor of Oklahoma

Name: Dewey F. Bartlett
Designation: Governor of Oklahoma

Name: Donna Campbell
Designation: Member of the Texas Senate

Name: Elizabeth Warren
Designation: Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Name: Enoch Kelly Haney
Designation: Senator State of Oklahoma

Name: Gene Stipe
Designation: Member of the Oklahoma State Senate

Name: Jeane Kirkpatrick
Designation: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Name: Patrick J. Hurley
Designation: U.S. Secretary of War

Defense Personnel

Name: Apollo Soucek
Designation: Test pilot and Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy

Name: Clarence L. Tinker
Designation: U.S. Army Air Corps General

Name: Dennis Reimer
Designation: Chief of Staff of the US Army

Name: General Tommy Franks
Designation: Commander of US Central Command

Name: R. James Woolsey, Jr.
Designation: Director of Central Intelligence

Name: Joseph J. Clark
Designation: Admiral in the U.S. Navy

Religious Preachers

Name: Charles William Kerr
Known As: Protestant Minister in Tulsa

Name: Oral Roberts
Known As: A Preacher of the Christian gospel

Name: Robert McGill Loughridge
Known As: Missionary

Name: Yahweh ben Yahweh
Known As: Founder of the Nation of Yahweh


Name: David Deming
Profession: Professor of Geology

Name: Dr. Richard E. Berendzen
Profession: Astronomer

Name: Edwin R. Gilliland
Profession: Chemical Engineer

Name: James Neil Herndon
Profession: Media Psychologist

Name: John C. York
Profession: Cancer Research Pathologist

Name: Karl Guthe Jansky
Profession: Physicist and Radio Engineer

Name: Lyle D. Goodhue
Profession: Research Chemist and Entomologist

Name: Wiley Post
Profession: Pilot (First to go alone around the world)


Name: Bart Conner
Profession: Gymnast

Name: Brent Albright
Profession: Wrestler

Name: Bryant Reeves
Profession: Basketball Player

Name: Charlie Haas
Profession: WWE Wrestler

Name: Danny Hodge
Profession: Olympic Wrestler

Name: Jack Swagger
Profession: WWE Wrestler

Name: Jim Thorpe
Profession: Athlete

Name: John Smith
Profession: Wrestling Coach

Name: Kelenna Azubuike
Profession: Basketball Player

Name: Lance Norick
Profession: NASCAR driver

Name: Larry Coker
Profession: Football Coach at University of Miami

Name: Mat Hoffman
Profession: BMX Biker

Name: Mikey Wayne Burnett
Profession: UFC fighter

Name: Sam Bradford
Profession: Football player

Name: Shannon Miller
Profession: Gymnast

Name: Tommy Morrison
Profession: Heavyweight Boxer

Name: Vickie Gates
Profession: IFBB Bodybuilder

Name: Pepper Martin
Profession: Baseball Player