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50 Most Attractive Women Over 50

50 Most Attractive Women Over 50

With their "never back down" attitude, Buzzle gives you the list of 50 most attractive women over 50 from around the world. Go through the entire article to find the answer.
Sheetal Mandora
Women, regardless of what culture or country they hail from, have always been looked upon as the idol of beauty and poise. With her sensual grace and electrifying charm, she has made millions of heart melt in a second. I am talking about women all over the world who have, are, and will always be the epitome of beauty, confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. But today we are not here to talk about the young Hollywood actresses or music artists who have always fascinated us with their bold moves. We are talking about women who are over 50 and can still steal our hearts (well, at least for men this is true) and leave us breathless. Gone are the days when 50 used to bring the old age. Today, women over the age of 50 are actually sidelining the current Hollywood actresses. But don't get me wrong here. These women are not just famous actresses over 50; some are famous personalities who are from around the world.
Beautiful Women from Around the World
Even though the article asks me to list 50 most attractive women over the age of 50, I really don't feel comfortable grading these wonderful, talented women into some category. Hence, without ranking them in any specific order or giving them numbers, I have just provided an alphabetical list below. If I have left out any names of women whom you feel are attractive and should've been in this list, I apologize in advance and would love to hear your views.

* Data as of September 2011

Names Age Names Age
Amy Grant 50 Jessica Lange 61
Andie MacDowell 52 Joan Allen 54
Angela Bassett 52 Julianne Moore 50
Ann Curry 54 Katie Sagal 57
Beverly Johnson 58 Katie Couric 54
Bo Derek 54 Kim Basinger 57
Carol Alt 50 Kim Cattrall 54
Cheryl Ladd 59 Leeza Gibbons 53
Cheryl Tiegs 63 Madonna 52
Christie Brinkley 57 Mary Steenburgen 58
Christine Hynde 59 Meryl Streep 61
Diane Sawyer 65 Michelle Pfeiffer 52
Dorothy Hamill 54 Noor Al-Hussein 59
Ellen Barkin 56 Olivia Newton-John 62
Ellen DeGeneres 53 Peggy Lipton 64
Geena Davis 54 Raquel Welch 70
Goldie Hawn 65 Rene Russo 57
Gloria Estefan 53 Sara, Duchess of York 51
Holly Hunter 52 Sela Ward 54
Iman (supermodel) 55 Sharon Stone 53
Jaclyn Smith 63 Sigourney Weaver 61
Jane Seymour 60 Susan Lucci 64
Jane Fonda 73 Susan Sarandon 64
Jennifer Grey 51 Tina Turner 71
Jennifer Tilly 52 Valerie Bertinelli 50
Honorable Mentions
Names Age Names Age
Barbara Hershey 63 Jerry Hall 54
Cassandra Peterson 59 Joan Jett 52
Candice Bergen 64 Kelly Lynch 52
Catherine Keener 51 Lauren Hutton 67
Cher 64 Lena Olin 55
Dana Delany 55 Lynda Carter 59
Debbie Harry 65 Oprah Winfrey 57
Elizabeth Perkins 50 Glenn Close 63
Helen Mirren 65 Pam Grier 61
Isabella Rossellini 58 Rita Moreno 79
Jamie Lee Curtis 52 Sônia Braga 60
Janice Dickinson 56 Tilda Swinton 50