Reading This May Change Your Opinion about Hitler

Reading This May Change Your Opinion about Hitler

We all are familiar with the holocaust and how Hitler was blamed for it. He has been made out to be one of the most evil persons who killed millions of innocent Jews. But what if it's not entirely correct? This Buzzle article will talk about the good side of Hitler they didn't tell you in school.
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Rumor Has It!
According to Dr. Jan Bondeson, Hitler and his collaborators gathered educated dogs. They communicated with them by tapping paws, wagging their tails, and barking. They even taught one of the dogs to bark 'Mein Fuhrer'.

Adolf Hitler was raised in a middle-class family and sources claim that the early years of his life were not easy for his family. They had to go through a hard period of starvation. After serving as a soldier in World War I, on January 30th 1933, things changed for him when he became the head of the German government. This achievement meant accomplishing the dream of every poor and middle-class individual who ever sought to achieve success.

Perhaps, he is considered to be the most villainous man of the 20th century. In fact the name Hitler is a synonym for evil. The same story of Hitler being a villain has been echoed throughout Hollywood for centuries. However, after doing massive research and taking interviews of people who have worked alongside Hitler, there is a strong proof that what we have been told is inaccurate.

The Good Side Of Hitler

1. He Formed Music Culture
Hitler was very fond of music and after realizing its importance, he established the State Music Institute in 1933. This was when he came into power. His main objective was to promote the beautiful music work of evergreen composers such as Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Mozart, etc. He also made sure that every German citizen had a radio in their house. Youngsters were motivated to take up careers in music to preserve the rich German cultural heritage. During the Hitler regime, music genres like Jazz, sexually provocative music, and Swing were prohibited.

2. He Never Wanted To Kill Jews
There has not been a man on this earth who has been demonized as much as Hitler. At some point, we all have repeated this story of how Hitler was behind the death of six million Jews, but where did we get the information from? Researchers claim that if he wanted to kill Jews, then why did he never mention it in his book Mein Kampf? Or in any of his speeches? He developed containment work camps for Jews and not death camps.

3. He Abolished International Banking Cartels
When he was appointed as the Chancellor of Germany, people's condition in Germany was horrible. Many were jobless, had no money, and were starving. Many Germans had to live in shacks after their homes and farms were seized by the controlled banks. German government was not responsible for the post-war hyperinflation, but the privately owned Central bank in Germany. Before he became the chancellor, Germany's economy was crashed by bankers. After his appointment the first and foremost thing he did was to fix the corrupt, debt-based financial system laid down by the banks and its monopoly. By preventing the International Banking Cartels, the Nazi government issued its own currency Reichmarks. They were debt-free and not controlled by International financial interests.

4. Anti-Tobacco Mission
Nazi doctors were the first to write research papers about how smoking can lead to lung cancer. Following this paper, smoking was banned in almost all the public places like restaurants and transportation systems. To discourage people from smoking, tobacco tax was increased and advertising of smoking was regulated by the Nazis. To prevent females from smoking, various German health organizations educated people about the risk of miscarriage, if pregnant women indulged in smoking. In the year 1940, annual cigarette consumption in Germany was 749. He introduced a few rules regarding cigarettes, they were:

1. He banned the sale of cigarettes to women.
2. He banned smoking for people in uniforms.
3. He prohibited people from smoking unless they were above 18.
4. He was the first to put warning images of cancerous lungs on cigarette boxes.

5. He Created a Thriving Economy
After completing his first task of setting up a public banking system, he concentrated on developing new roads, dams, canals, bridges, repair of public and private buildings, and port transportation. All this was done with public money. He motivated women to be house makers and provided employment to men by providing repair jobs, increasing the country's infrastructure. This unemployment issue was solved within two years and Germany was back on its feet.

6. None Shall Starve Or Freeze
A major philosophy of Germany back then was that the entire population of Germany would share the same standard of living. Keeping this in mind, they created one of the largest public welfare programs with the slogan "None Shall Starve Or Freeze". Every year, high-ranking Nazis and citizens would collect charity from everybody on the street. They even published names of those individuals who refused to donate, this was done as a punishment.

7. Elimination Of Crime
He went to any extent to keep criminal activities at bay. He took care of social misfits by giving them a mainstream job. To motivate a peaceful lifestyle, he banned all sorts of general strikes. During the Nazi period it was safe to walk on the streets, people were not scared about any kind of theft, burglary, loot, or murder. Criminals were sent to concentration camps and punished for their crimes.

8. Banned Experimentation Of Animals
He was very fond of animals and in fact, he was very close to his two dogs at home. Hitler had banned vivisection or any experiment on live animals. Therefore Germany became the foremost country to ban any sort of live experimentation on animals. With its concern for animal conservation, ban on vivisection rule was completely enacted in 1933.

9. High Respect For Women and Children
There was a time when Germany had a very low birth rate, one of the main causes being depression. Families were finding it hard to feed their children and themselves. Birth rate went down from 2 million in the year 1900 to 1 million in 1933. To avoid further decline in birth rate a law was enacted in 1933 that enabled married couples to take interest-free loans minimum 1000 Reichmarks (comes up to 9 months of salary). This money helped them to build their home and start a family. For every child, they kept 250 marks and were not obligated to repay. Nazis perceived women to be the preservers of the tribe and guardians of the future generation.

10. Founder Of Modern-day Israel
Hitler and Nazis were the founders of modern-day Israel, they were the first to commence Jewish settlement in Palestine (modern-day Israel). This was done to fulfill the 2000-year old desire of Jews and was an answer to their question of their own homeland. Haavara agreement made it possible for Germans and Jews to take control of Palestine lands. Reich spent millions of resources for Jewish settlements in Palestine.

On a concluding note, no one in the history of humans has achieved in so little time as was achieved by Hitler and the Nazis. A thorough and new investigation of Hitler during World War II is necessary. From this investigation, a new story is likely to emerge.