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Top 10 Military Powers of the World

Top 10 Military Powers of the World

Every country has the right to defend itself from any potential external threat. The top military powers around the world strive for excellence and maximum strike power, and arm themselves well, so as to deter hostile nations from any aggression. In this article, we will have a look as to who are the top 10 military powers of the world, as we speak.
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Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
There was never a good war, or a bad peace.
―Benjamin Franklin
1. United States of America
american flag
  • Total Land Area: 3,794,101 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 639 billion
  • Military Personnel: 1,429,995
  • Planes & Helicopters: 22,000+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 27,000+
  • Naval Crafts: 225+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: 4,800+
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: 2,100+
2. Russia
russian flag
  • Total Land Area: 6,592,800 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 61.2 billion
  • Military Personnel: 1,013,000
  • Planes & Helicopters: 5,700+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 13,500+
  • Naval Crafts: 280+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: 4,500+
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: 1,600+
3. China
chinese flag
  • Total Land Area: 3,747,879 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 150 billion
  • Military Personnel: 2,183,000
  • Planes & Helicopters: 2,800+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 26,500+
  • Naval Crafts: 725+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: 250+
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: 180+
4. India
Indian Flag
  • Total Land Area: 1,269,219 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 53.5 billion
  • Military Personnel: 1,395,000
  • Planes & Helicopters: 2,500+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 6,000+
  • Naval Crafts: 115+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: 110+
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: 6+
5. United Kingdom
united kingdom
  • Total Land Area: 94,060 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 35.3 billion
  • Military Personnel: 196,840
  • Planes & Helicopters: 1,800+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 5,500+
  • Naval Crafts: 75+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: 225+
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: 160+
6. France
french flag
  • Total Land Area: 260,558 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 45.39 billion
  • Military Personnel: 365,835
  • Planes & Helicopters: 950+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 7,200+
  • Naval Crafts: 100+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: 300+
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: 290+
7. Germany
German Flag
  • Total Land Area: 137,847 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 43.5 billion
  • Military Personnel: 210,000
  • Planes & Helicopters: 1,400+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 2,200+
  • Naval Crafts: 50+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: NATO
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: NATO
8. South Korea
south korean flag
  • Total Land Area: 38,691 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 34 billion
  • Military Personnel: 625,000
  • Planes & Helicopters: 1,000+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 4,900+
  • Naval Crafts: 160+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: NA
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: NA
9. Italy
Italy Flag
  • Total Land Area: 116,346 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 3 billion
  • Military Personnel: 290,000
  • Planes & Helicopters: 1,100+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 5,400+
  • Naval Crafts: 100+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: NATO
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: NATO
10. Brazil
brazilian flag
  • Total Land Area: 3,287,597 sq. mi.
  • Annual Defense Budget: USD 40 billion
  • Military Personnel: 318,480
  • Planes & Helicopters: 1,075+
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles: 1,900+
  • Naval Crafts: 65+
  • Total Nuclear Warheads: NA
  • Active Nuclear Warheads: NA
Related Aspects
The numbers give us an overview of the strengths and firepower of the top ten military powers of the world. Rankings take into consideration many aspects such as intelligence, actual combat experience, training, skill, back-up, movement of troops and weapons, etc.

Also, numbers will not be absolutely accurate, as they keep changing regularly according to specific needs and situations. An interesting fact is that, out of all the countries in the world, Israel has a reserve army that can be mobilized into actual combat more quickly than anyone else.

Just numbers are not enough, and a good example is while comparing USA and China. Though China has an army nearly twice the size of the US, the strike power of the United States is much more than that of China. This is due to many other factors that we have mentioned, like training, skill, modernized equipment, strategy, intelligence inputs, etc.

All in all, it can be safely said that these are the 10 top militaries in the world, as of today. There are also many other things that need to be taken into consideration regarding the top ten. For example, the United States indulges in combat mainly in other countries, and for the purpose of quashing terrorism, rouge armies, and peacekeeping ventures.

Some countries are engaged in continuous small skirmishes with their neighbors, and are active in protecting their own borders. Nuclear weapons are also a key factor, something that has never been used since the bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

God forbid, even if a war breaks out, in which multiple countries are involved, it is very unlikely that such weapons will be used, and the war(s) will be fought in the conventional ways itself. Another aspect is the type of weaponry - advanced military weapons, that a state possesses.

Getting into the top 10 military powers bracket is no mean task. Also, staying there is equally tough, as almost all countries are forever engaged in bettering themselves when it comes to their military capabilities.

No one wants to be less than their immediate threat, and need to be ever-so-ready to face any unwanted situation. To summarize, a war is not something simple, and is best avoided.
Us Army Patch On Soldiers Uniform
Ww2 Panther Tank
Ww1 Military Tank
Group of soldiers running across the field and shoot
Ww2 D Day Tank
Se5A First World War Fighter Aircraft
Air Defense Cannon
F4F Wildcat Fighter
Ww2 Battle At Orechov
Two soldiers in an ambush aim at the enemy
World War Two Tf 51
Tank In Colleville Sur Mer
Infantrymen in action
German Machine Gun Mg 14
Planes Fighting In World War One
Cannon Of First World War
Howitzer Cannon
Monument To Soldiers Ground Attack Aircraft
Ww1 Vickers Machine Gun
Maxim Gun
Old Ww1 Tank And Machine Gun
Airborne Monument In Arnhem